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Make extra money without extra hassle!

ReRent takes care of the logistics of renting your place on AirBnb on your behalf while you're away traveling. We take all of the stress out of renting your space by doing everything for you. We'll create the listing, prepare your space, welcome the guests, and clean up after them. All you have to do is hand us the key!

When you return, refreshed from your trip, you will find extra cash in your account and your space in mint condition!

How it works


1. Consultation:

We meet with you to pick up a spare key and answer any questions you may have.

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2. Create Listing:

We then take a few pictures and list your place based on your specific housing situation and requests.

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3. Go Live:

We'll activate your listing to show as available for dates you tell us you'll be away. We'll communicate with and vet potential guests referred by Airbnb.


4. ReRented!

If we confirm a guest during your vacancy, you'll be alerted that your place has been ReRented. When you return you'll find your place in as good as if not better shape than when you left it.

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Why We Got Started

Servicing a Need

I decided to start ReRent because as a former consultant, traveling every week, I hated paying a month's rent for a place I only used on weekends.  Not only was it a waste of money, but it just seemed wasteful for my space to be sitting vacant. 


I'd considered AirBnB, but even though I'd used it for lodging when I traveled, inviting someone into my own place felt intimidating.  Before moving to start business school at Yale's School of Management, I decided to try it out with my apartment in Atlanta while I was doing some personal travel.  I realized that not only was it great to not have my room go wasted while I was away, but that with someone to help me welcome my guests and manage the logistics, I should have been doing it all along.


- Alikiah Barclay, Founder of ReRent 


Contact Us

ReRent is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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